Good Friday

Each and every Good Friday for as long as I can remember, I chew and chew on the phrase Good Friday and wonder why those words were chosen by Christians to identify the final sufferings of Jesus. Evidently, others wonder as well.  [I heart the internet.] 

...from Dutch philosopher, Spinoza: Nature is the true expression of God. And each of us is part of it. Oh yeah.

Like any woman with a hardshell Southern Baptist background, my day was spent working for my family. Especially sorting through – and re-aligning – my unfulfilled expectations RE: OLW and MMEW. Three full months behind. <grin> After? Taxes at noon, big grocery effort at 3 (thanks, Josh), prep for/travel to Cornell Kids Slumber Party. Kids? Now, that’s God’s work. I head home from the Slumber Party on Saturday morning...


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One thought on “Good Friday

  1. Interesting and thought provoking…on many fronts. And how was the slumber party? who got to sleep?
    Lovely photos…and they are of ???

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