a full pink moon…

I have been capturing a photo of this year’s full moons. As the day approaches, my radar is constantly attuned to the sky. It seems that with the change over to Daylight Savings Time, the moon shows up later, – of course – and not in the spot where I’m used to seeing it: out my kitchen window that faces northeast. So, taking the photo is a challenge ’cause I’m not sure when or where the moon will show up…lately, it’s been in the southeast/west sky.

Last evening, I went out several times to get that photo (and just in case the day of the full moon greets us with inclement weather, I have also been taking a picture of a not quite full moon earlier in the week). After 7-8 attempts, along with trying to remember the best setting for taking night photos on my little ol’ point ‘n shoot, I finally got a couple shots that are keepers. Certainly nothing to get up in the middle of the night to write home about…but this one fills the bill…

I kinda like it, especially the yellow glow cast by the streetlights and the different colors of the leaves…

Next month, who knows what I’ll capture?


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One thought on “a full pink moon…

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    This is awesome! Even the leaves look pink…

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