…Thursday’s child has far to go…

With a clear destination in mind, the day started with email at 5a from the comfort of my bed. On to Jonny and his workday…Goonies Forever.

...are you sure it's not Saturday?

Quick conversations with The Girls before I head off to the mandatory Standards of Conduct (translation: diversity/harassment) training in Council Chambers. Presenter tackled the elephant in the room…which didn’t exactly sit well with all of the attendees, of course. Thought-provoking and a reminder that there is still so much work to be done.

...the "back way" to Council...

Flying off to Midway. I arrive before Joshua, before Kate; time to close my eyes a few minutes and remember the story of The Hunger Games. Yes, I did return to work after. Life/Work balance, right?

...12:45p...that's us...

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2 thoughts on “…Thursday’s child has far to go…

  1. Love your balanced day! The Goonies ROCK! I only read the first book Hunger Games and seem to be missing the fanfare. What did you think of book and movie Kathy? The combo of kids and violence was distressing…perhaps too realistic…?

  2. Seems like a fitting reward to an early start…love Jon’s shirt & pose. Of course, I have not read Hunger Games and probably won’t…tho’ Kayla is…

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