showing up to the page

During Verb Tribe we were given this prompt: What do I need to do to be a successful writer? After writing for ten minutes on my paper bag it came down to these simple five words: show up to the page.

Show. Up. To. The. Page.

My fellow WriteNiters and I made a commitment to show up for 31 consecutive days in the month of March. Yesterday was day 29 and I have not missed a day. I have on average written a page a day on my screenplay. The goal was not quantity or quality but consistency. Wednesday night we celebrated our one year anniversary of WriteNiters and toasted our success—each of us showed up EVERY day this month!

Thursday evening you would have found me tapping away at my purple laptop keyboard for my writing practice. Here are a few visuals of what consistency and commitment can produce:

My screenplay 🙂

In print! it's waaaay too long for a screenplay, I'm at 300 pages and haven't written the ending yet. Step two: rewriting!

My reward for showing up as well as an action to celebrate myself are these two goodies from Barnes & Noble:  Artful Blogging magazine and a new blank journal. Bliss.

The Artful Blogging magazine...beYOUtiful. And a lovely blank journal are my rewards for 'showing up to the page'.

Thank you my awesome WriteNiters for showing up with me and always encouraging me!

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2 thoughts on “showing up to the page

  1. Hooray for you! and those are great rewards…can’t wait for you to get here so you can tell me more about the paper bag trick. Wonder if it’ll work for me?

    Carry on! And just think: April only has 30 days! You get a day off ;-)).


  2. Thanks for the celebration Honoré! I’ll bring pix of bags…we’re supposed to BURN them but I had planned an art project, but now that I’m in a letting go spring cleaning mood they may end up in flames!
    HA! I am writing five days a week in April! I AM committing to writing while in Maryland and VerbTribe 2 begins just before I leave.

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