colors of spring…

I have two rooms in my house that I’ve appropriated as studios: one is my sewing/knitting studio and library. The other, my computer/scrapping/art journaling space. This room – which I call Studio B – was originally designated as a craft space until I started working from home and then it became my home office. Now that I’m in protirement, I’ve repurposed Studio B.

March is generally a month when lots of people’s thoughts turn to spring and cleaning…certainly mine have and actually, since Feb 22, I’ve been in a rearranging and purging state of mind. Heaven knows I have too much stuff and it seems, that no matter how many times or how ruthless I am when decluttering , I still have too darned much… Funny, as I was reorganizing, I found an album I created in 2005 documenting a workshop on time management Kathy and I were planning. The album featured a decluttering/makeover of the then office and now Studio B. After several days of reorganizing my studios, yes, yet again, yesterday (Thursday, March 29)  afternoon, I put the finishing – for awhile, at least – touches on the two studios and decided I owed myself a treat: a walk outside.

Tho’ a bit windy, the day was beautiful: bright, clear and very colorful:



Japanese Maple


a tree whose name I know not but I love the richness of its deep pink blossoms...

and my absolute favorite: the dogwood

Certainly a wonderful display of color. I am so glad we’ve been treated to such an early, glorious  spring and actually, I am also glad March is in it’s last few hours. Seems to me  the month has been longer than usual and I’m ready for April!  Have a great week and we’ll touch base again next Sat, April 6.


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2 thoughts on “colors of spring…

  1. Oh the colors…how glorious! the Japanese Maple and Dogwoods are my favorites!
    How about pix of reorganized Studios?
    We’ve had two simultaneous reorganizations going this month: repurposing the spare bedroom into Jeff’s workroom plus we gave our entertainment center away to Brin so Jeff can build a bookcase on entire wall to fit around TV as well. I have WAY too much stuff…and Jeff has even MORE! We’re whittling away at it though. I gave mom’s shells away to a woman I had seen making shell crafts outside a restaurant. Felt good—would make mom smile.

  2. Oops, I intended to include a photo of the studios…next week! Thx for the reminder and your encouragement. Can’t wait to see the results of your reorganization!

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