finishing touches

Tuesday is a Weight Watcher morning so I wasn’t up until 7am. I peeped my eyes open when my alarm beeped and asked myself with a groan what I did to make me sore all over. I missed CrossFit Monday so I attempted my first half mile jog Monday night and I did it—I even went on for another 4/10’s of a mile and sprinted the home stretch! Needless to say my muscles were talkin’ to me Tuesday morning.

My morning routine is fruit and water, my WW Leader alerted me she was making a green smoothie with mint cookie crisp snack bar in it and would share with me. It was dee-lish. I was home before 11am and had another smoothie with frozen fruit and a mango, mmmmm. I slurped on that while I wrote my morning pages.

My priority yesterday was to put the finishing touches on a gift that has been a work in progress for Jeff and I for the past month. He designed a ‘thought bubble’ to put the quote inside in Mistral font and the results were spectacular! It looks way better then either of us expected. We finally decided to complete it over the weekend and commit to shipping this week.

The sign is made from re-purposed materials—wood that used to be something else. In this case the bubble was made from a piece of an old maple kitchen table. Keeping the stories and conversations alive. And the letters were made from a piece of bed rail off of a broken children’s bed. Jeff wrote an adorable story about the bed-frame and the little girl it belonged to until it broke. I explained how the quote was chosen and the re-purposed wood and we printed it out and attached card on the back of the thought bubble just below the hanger.

I’ll post a few photos of the process today and post an entire image once it has been received. This was a rewarding project and we learned a lot about color and paints by experimenting, the process will be less time intensive next time around!  Jeff and I make a great team and I am always astounded by his willingness to run with an idea—especially some of my crazy ones!

Story glued to the back of thought bubble.

Giraffe card I made to accompany gift...

It's in the box!

Protecting the precious cargo.

It's kinda cool that this photo's off to mystery friend 🙂 Project complete!

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One thought on “finishing touches

  1. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the big reveal…

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