…Monday, March 12th..Thank Youz…

…for the first time in 23 days my entire family woke up Wretched Cold free! Thank you, open windows with gentle breezes. Thank you, antibiotics. Thank you, Cosmic Forces.

I submitted my 5 budgets to our Fiscal Director at 9p Sunday night and they are just fine! In fact, the FD told me that I caught 2 pieces she had missed. GOAL! [BTW, the FD’s name is Kathy. When we call each other, we get to say “Hi Kathy. This is Kathy.” Dumb fun, I realize. But when you have such a common name, I say find the fun where you can.] Thank you, Morning Brain. Thank you, Healing Husband. Thank you, Calculator.

..off to work with completed FY 2013 budgets...can I get an amen?

Healing Husband, you ask? Yes, Jim returned Friday, March 2nd from Lexington, KY – running fast from the storms there – with pneumonia. Wretched Cold gone rogue. That’s why there was no Sunday, March 4th post from me. It was a blank day. Not bad…just blank. Happy to report, he’s a-ok now! Thank you, God.

...remember the buds from my birthday last month? Here they are Monday in the 70 degree weather...


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2 thoughts on “…Monday, March 12th..Thank Youz…

  1. Ooh! I am so sorry that there was so much sickness but am delighted to hear that you are all well and on the mend! Yay!

    Congrats on your budget performance! Your repartee with the other Kathy sounds like great fun!

    Aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful weather? Especially when I think of winter two years ago and all the snow!


  2. Ain’t wellness grand?
    O, joyous buds!
    Love this: GOAL! 🙂
    My CPA’s name is Laura Allen and we only talk at tax time and are so silly calling each other by our full names as often as possible in the conversation!
    Here’s to silliness whenever you can.

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