3:12 pm on Mon – 3/12/2012

The 12th of the month is a day that many bloggers take photos, make  a collage and then post on their blogs and/or  to add to their scrapbook or photo albums. Yesterday, conscious of the date and the fact that I was going to be posting here, today, about yesterday, I kept my trusty camera handy as I went about the day’s agenda:

Quilt Guild in the morning

Lunch with some of my quilting friends

Drive to and fro

As I drove, I decided that I’d focus on capturing green: signage; trees; vehicles; etc. The latter proved to be very interesting – I drive probably 25 miles one way to quilt guild so I thought, why not count all the green cars I see on my way. Literally, during that 30-35 minutes drive, I saw about a dozen cars that could count as green…guess it’s not a color of choice for most car owners ( a quick google search reveals that white, silver, grey and black remain the most popular colors). But I digress. On my way, I was surprised to see a lot of green business signage, more than I’d have thought since red is generally regarded as the top marketing color . Think: red = stop! But again I digress.

On my way home, I thought: Starbucks is on the route and soon it will be 3:12 pm and I have my iPad and wouldn’t it be cool to capture a screen shot of the iPad at 3:12 pm today and Starbucks is known for decorating its door with a monthly theme, I could  also get a photo of my reflection at Starbucks and this would be perfect and, and…  Yep! You guessed it; the rest is history.

So, here you have those two photos commemorating my brilliant idea. Lots of fun.

(if you click on the picture, you’ll see the time  better)

And that’s the way it was : 3:12 pm on Mon – 3/12/2012.


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2 thoughts on “3:12 pm on Mon – 3/12/2012

  1. Honore, dear…we are all worried that retirement is leaving you bored…inactive…NOT! Thanks for the ride on the 3/12 adventure.

  2. Love this post! The date/time, green game, reflection photo—it all came together brilliantly!

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