Monday meanderings

Monday is a CrossFit day so I was up at 6am out the door at 6:30 and running laps with my buddies at 7:01am. After our workout Brin dropped me off at home I got to writing as soon as possible: morning pages, screenplay, and Verb Tribe prompt. Check, check, check. I whipped up lunch and a smoothie hopped on my bike at 11am and pedaled half a mile to a local business that is hosting Weight Watchers at Work. The WW Leader goes to the business, cool eh?—it’s not a new concept but its growing. Unfortunately that day my Leader forgot to call and cancel my participation—they were one person short to have a receptionist. Oooops!

I’m fairly flexible and easy going I don’t get mad and blame others. Anger is counterproductive. Sometimes things are not meant to be no matter how much we plan! I could have been mad and still there for no reason or I had the choice to be happy I had a couple free hours. The latter felt WAY better—so off I biked to the library and picked up a stack of books and sat in the sun and ate my lunch.  Ahhh!

I opened The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and was instantly swept away to another world. I read for a couple hours—the library was a happening place with no school on Monday so I people watched in between bites and pages. My idea of an unexpected blissful afternoon!

Here’s a couple shots of my meanderings:

Horse statue decorating the WW At Work biz I visited (briefly).

Stone wall in front of the library—the sun was a welcome warmth while I ate my lunch and read.

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7 thoughts on “Monday meanderings

  1. I love that horse statue! How are you liking The Hunger Games so far? I’ve been meaning to start that one, myself, but I keep getting sidetracked by other books!

  2. Thx Stephanie! I finished The Hunger Games in one day—its written simply yet it captivates. I look forward to the rest of the series and the movie 😉

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed your ‘lemonade’ day. Thanks to the library…coming to the rescue…surprised you could get a copy of Hunger…everyone’s reading (‘cept me, of course).

  4. I love our library! I don’t think Hunger Games is your cuppa tea at all H 😉 I’m not sure I’ll continue with the series I was merely curious to see what the hubbub was about :::smile:::

  5. Karen Brockman on said:

    Sounds like an awesome afternoon! Just what I would do too, with a couple of extra hours. Get books and READ!

  6. It was an awesome day Karen, the sun, the book, feeling grateful for life! 😉
    I enjoyed turning a negative into a positive and will remember this day as the perfect example of that. Thanks for posting, vugs!

  7. kmgraybeal on said:

    and congrats to you for recognizing the seredipitous gift laid in your lap, Laura. As Buddha says, when you fight against what is, what is always wins. So, bring on the lemonade!

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