at the end of the day…

I am a morning person. I often joke that when the sun comes up, I’m up! I’m generally awake and up between 5-6 AM. And yes, I am retired, so there’s no reason for me to get up so early, as everyone reminds me, but there really is. I like daylight. Always have and since I have for 69 years (and counting), I really don’t see that I’m going to change.

The other part to this story is that when ol’ Sol goes down, so do I. I can literally feel my energy being drained from my body; it comes over me like a wave. Generally, if I am home  and on the computer or sewing or working on scrapbook page, I will just stop, quit whatever I’m doing in my studio and leave the room.

Sunday mid-afternoon, I’d been arranging and cutting strips of fabric for a class I was scheduled to attend the next day…

I  felt my energy begin to drain and then I noted the light was changing…the sun was starting to set…

I looked up at the clock and realized the time, noting that I’d been awake and up since 6 AM. A full 12 hours! If you look closely, you can see my shadow in the clock…

This time however, I did take the time to straighten up my workspace and to take a picture or two before I shut down. I consider that a real accomplishment.


PS. I was up at 5 AM Monday morning, rarin’ to go ;-)).

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3 thoughts on “at the end of the day…

  1. I am a real morning person, too… and as much as I know I’ll love the later sunset next sunday, I’m dreading the really early wake-up time!

  2. Oooooo I like the afternoon pix…the light and shadows are fabulous!

  3. kmgraybeal on said:

    This post really captured that morning person feeling, Honore…I melted away with the sun as well…

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