…february 29th…

Literally a housebound captive (don’t ask), the first half of my week was spent with my laptop on my lap (hee,hee) and my “desk” spread out from nightstand to entire bed. Quite satisfied with work done there, btw.

...yes, that's one big cup of tea...

...Will Manley's post: "What is a Paraprofessional?"

...the Sussex Department of Libraries budget file...

But…come on, you knew there was a but…I also kept mulling over this whole notion of just dropping an extra day into the calendar every 4 years. And that nobody really says anything about it. As I did the last Leap Day, off for a little research refresher.  It does seem that our good ol’ Gregorian has the least convoluted solution to the time problem. Time problem? Yep, that darn universe refuses to stand still. So it messes up our calendar…and making Easter plans.  Greg’s calendar  was “designed to keep the vernal equinox on or close to March 21st.”  That way, Easter’s math works. Of course, I do think the vernal equinox has the upper hand here but I’m not into bursting bubbles. And extra day or not, I still haven’t scrapbooked a page for months. Oh, and my driver’s license is expired. Uh, and I better check the date on my half-and-half…

...bye, Winter...hi, Spring...yeah, even the lights are gone now...

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One thought on “…february 29th…

  1. What a fun post. I can’t believe Feb 29 has come/gone for another 4 years. Can’t say I accomplished anything more with those extra 24 hrs. Lovin’ the white tulips.

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