…what day am I focusing on again?

It started so well. January ~ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…then, it sort of fell apart in February. But, I’m rededicated because these two friends crossed my mind all through those days we recorded together…it was such a rich yet simple treat to read about our shared time the day after. Back to it, Ladies. And, when it happens again…please repost this. Love.

…Art triumphs over a Wretched Cold every time…

Let this photo represent my post-birthday Saturday. Actually the Saturday before, Grammy and the 2 oldest Littles play while Mama and Ms. Littlest Little finally rest. The last to succumb to the 2012 Wretched Cold there. February 25th? My turn. With Jon at respite and the kids avoiding reinfection, movies/tea/naps/conversation with The Hub made for a perfect day. Like Laura, I’ve been working hard to stay in the doing, not the done. Honore and I often drift to this topic…why do we always yammer on about happiness yet so rarely emphasize contentment? Closing with another birthday present. This tree borders the parking lot at work. Enjoy and check back this Thursday for a surprise. Next regular posting on Monday, March 5th captures Sunday, March 4th.

...Friday, February 24th...

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One thought on “…what day am I focusing on again?

  1. Spring is definitely all around. Hope everyone is over the wretched c-o-l-d by now! And thanks for getting us back on track!

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