bookcase blockade

Written Sunday afternoon February 26th: I started redecorating my bedroom between Christmas and New Year’s. I was okay with it not being done quickly. I learned from the process. Now I see that choosing a color for the bookcase had all progress stalled for this past month. I didn’t want to choose the ‘wrong’ or less than ideal color. So I chose not to choose. I journaled the other morning about the few tasks I had procrastinated and why. Usually it was because I feared the outcome so not beginning was an act of self preservation. Once I make the ‘decision’—taking action follows naturally.

This week I put all of my procrastinations on my action board and gave them a day and a time slot, more than one if I needed to revisit the task. Eating a big job in chunks! Painting the bookcase was my Sunday to do. Jeff and I took a piece of carpet to Lowe’s on Saturday and matched the color and had a quart of paint mixed. Easy peasy. I chose and it’s done. Once we were in the action stage of the process I was highly motivated so we started painting after dinner! Today we did the touch-ups and I hope I will have the energy this evening to put it in place and add my books and knickknacks.

Photos of finished room coming soon! Booyah!

Painting the pillars and edges "Burled Redwood"

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4 thoughts on “bookcase blockade

  1. I like the “burled redwood” color. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful bookcase!

  2. I still have not created my “action” board; could it be that I am procrastinating?
    Isn’t it amazing how just one little action can unplug the dike! Looking fwd to seeing the bookcase.

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