a place I love

Saturday began with a  full morning.  I was at work at Weight Watchers by 6:45am and finished by 10:30am. That gave me time to drop off recycling, come home for an early lunch, and get started on Day 18 of my Verb Tribe writing prompt before visiting a friend in the afternoon. This writing journey has been a powerful experience in delving into my passion and resistance in writing and in life—I am hooked! The prompts are written in ten minutes on brown paper bags:

On your bag, write about a place you love. Try to go beyond the surface of it, to show why you love it rather than tell why you do. Dig into your history with the place, the sounds and smells of it. Enjoy the journey there.

After filling my bag here’s what I shared in our Verb Tribe community on Ruzuku (cool platform!):

Writing about my place took me there and filled me with ease.
Here’s what I circled:

resuscitate my soul
sand so fine it squeaks under bare-feet
wide open
reflects my moods
silent, introspective
bright, bold
life happens
the sky as witness
my soul speaks to God
I have come home
reflects my choices
we are all one
I belong

It reads like a found poem—cool, eh?! 🙂

I expanded on ‘my soul speaks to God here’

“When I breathe in I devour the tang, salt, seaweed, and freshness—I am absorbing God. When I breathe out—I exhale God.”

This captures a moment in the place I love...

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3 thoughts on “a place I love

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    Laura, your expansion does it…it answers the why for that Place You Love! Thank you…

  2. So glad you shared this…it’s just grand and so inviting. I can see via photo and words “why you love,” indeed! I also love the brown paper bag exercise; how clever and creative.

  3. Thanks my friends…I’m enjoying our weekly conversations and sharings so much… 😉

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