now is the time…now is the time…

For a while now, I’ve been wanting and looking for a manual typewriter. One aspect of my journey this year is to document my life, not only my current and also, my memories of the past  via photo + words. Maybe just one or two words to convey the story or thought or feeling.

A typewriter could come  in right handy for that. Yes! In this day and age of super fantastic computers that come in all sizes, shapes and with the ability to do nearly everything but wash dishes…I’m waiting, tho’. Sometimes, however,  one just needs to slide a piece of paper underneath the carriage and bang, er, type away. Nothing serious or professional, just a quip, a title or a word or two.

Several weeks ago I was browsing through an antiques center, one that has many different vendors. I saw one very old typewriter and decided the price was more than I wanted to pay. In conversation with the center’s cashier, I learned that I could put my name on a wish list for notification in the event a vendor acquired an item. Several days later, I received a call from the cashier who herself had a vintage typewriter that she had purchased because she liked the color – green. We arranged for me to come see it and I decided I’d buy it – $60. It needed cleaning (she has four cats) and a new ribbon and it appeared that it was in good working order. She offered to refund my money if I found out otherwise.

So, home the typewriter came with me and as luck would have it, I found a manual typewriter repair shop in the area. I took it in for evaluation and on Friday  (Feb 10) I picked it up. It’s clean; it types; all the keys are intact and there is even an @ key; it’s portable – tho’  it weighs a ton; and I learned that it is noiseless  – that is the subject for debate – noiseless in the sense it doesn’t make that clickety-clack sound one associates with typewriters. According to the repairman, a lot of people didn’t like this typewriter because it is noiseless…). And it is vintage, circa 1941.

Best of all, it’ll do the job …and  if all else fails, I could probably sell it on eBay…

We look forward to sharing another story from our lives, Sunday, Feb 19. In the meantime, have a very Happy Valentine’s Day and a great life!


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3 thoughts on “now is the time…now is the time…

  1. Oh it’s gorgeous! The green is so YOU! I can’t see the typing in the photo clearly, what font does it use?
    Noiseless eh? You may have to post a video of it in action so we can weigh in.

    Happy key tapping!

  2. 1941!!?? too cool! especially in that pretty green. can’t wait to see the typing pour forth!

  3. kmgraybeal on said:

    Could this be more you? I bet Your Typewriter is glad you finally found her. Anxious to hear about your adventures together!

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