looking for orange

I went to bed with a scratchy throat Monday night and woke to what felt like glass shards ravaging my esophagus Tuesday morning and that has been my uncomfortable physical state through Thursday. I attempted to find others to work for me at Weight Watchers this morning but no luck, so I had a hot cuppa tea and took a handful of throat lozenges with me and off I went. Later, I tucked myself into bed and decided to use the time to catch up on writing.

My latest and greatest writing adventure began February 1st and will continue for 37 days. I’m participating in Patti Digh’s VerbTribe: Creating a sustainable writing practice, one day at a time. Today is day two: we wrote our writing prompt on a paper bag and we looked for things that were orange and noted them on an index card. We took pictures if we could!

I didn’t read the prompt about orange until I returned home at lunchtime. After writing quietly for a few hours I felt inspired to go on an orange photo hunt.  I was bombarded by orange!  Insight for me: when I look for ‘it’ I find ‘it’.
SO, what do I choose to look for?

orange stripes

orange dishes

orange vision board

orange walls

orange box

orange fruit

orange tool

orange tool 2

orange books

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2 thoughts on “looking for orange

  1. Whoa! That’s a lot of orange! Amazing what we see once we look! Hope you’re feeling better. Have one or two or three of those oranges, there.

  2. Elmo the flying worm ! on said:

    I think Ive seen that air compressor somewhere before. Hope you get to feeling better ya poor ole thing ! Tell your hubby I asked one simple question … “Beer ?” lol.

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