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This morning, I  read a post by Todd Henry, Accidental Creative author, on productivity…the essence: in order to be productive, one must produce something. Duh! And therein lies the rub. As Henry points out, the word productive (adj.) results from the verb (action implied) produce. Yesterday was a prime example:

Two years ago I became a career graduate (as in retired) and generally I’ve greeted each day with the best of intentions…often ending the day wondering: where did the day go? and more importantly, why wasn’t I creatively productive?

Yesterday (Thursday), I identified two creativity goals for the day: one was time-bound and the other, I’d been wanting to tackle but had been putting off for the past couple days (probably due to a little insecurity on my part…yeah!). I started with the latter about 10:30 am and before I knew it, the time was 1:30 pm. I had embraced my hesitance, prepared the background and was having a ball selecting papers for, cutting up and arranging 1.5 inch squares. The end result: the beginning of this, an art journal calendar for February.

Eventually, each square will feature  a journal snippet for the day and as the month progresses, I will more than likely add more marks to the overall two page spread. This is so much fun, as I knew it would be when I first discovered it in the current issue of Art Journaling magazine. (You can learn more about this calendar challenge here.)

My other creative product was this scrapbook layout for LOAD212.

During the month of February, we are challenged to create a scrapbook layout a day (thus the acronym LOAD). I first participated in 2011 and had a lot of fun. I didn’t do 28 LOADs and that is A-OK with me; I’m not doing this to meet that goal – my reasons are more internal: I like being inspired by and  interpreting the daily prompt challenge and I like the process of calling up a memory + photo  that results in a page for my scrapbook. I like the learning that comes with each layout I create as well as those of other LOAD participants (we have a group Flickr gallery). And I like the online community that is created as we all join in LOAD.

So, it’s 11:00 am and I’ve got to get busy on today’s LOAD…what are you doing to engage your creative productivity this weekend?


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One thought on “creative productivity…

  1. wow! two GORGEOUS creations! those LOAD prompts seem like they’ll spark a few layouts to help you document your story. and isn’t it fun to play with photos and pretty paper?!

    art journaling is still at the top of my list for non-knitting creativity. but I’m finding so much inspiration in my knitting right now that I’m just following that. thanks for the art journal links. bookmarked for later.

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