…a Left Turn Day…

...shot by Calista...Saturn's Dione...

I was all set to head north for the Council on Libraries meeting when…well, I didn’t. The weather has been miserable today so I hunkered down with my Driving Ms. Daisy companion, Josh.  Finally an opportunity to read my personal email!  Honore and Laura are convinced I disappear for 6 days at a time; I only surface here. As always, I’m glad that I took the time to read the NASA Pic of the Day post. Just look at Dione. Now, think about where that little moon resides. Wow. Our tax dollars doing great work.

The other shot? We regularly keep the Christmas lights up until March or so. Why not?  This year, we also left the small hamlets set up in the living room and dining room. Think of a festive spot in Lapland instead of Santa’s Village. Nice, right?

…ice fishing anyone?

See you again on Friday

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One thought on “…a Left Turn Day…

  1. You’re right…we do miss you in ether land…that NASA shot is spectacular. What fun to keep lights and villages til March..

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