…new toys for all!

...a treat...a treat...a treat...

…the Kindle Fairy brought joy to the Sussex Department of Libraries staff on Wednesday! She  (of course, it’s a she) also flew over to our house to bring that joy to Joshua…on the same day! We’ve been playing with book downloads from the library catalog all evening.

...even better treat...even better treat...even better treat...

In other Big News: well-loved music teacher, Ms. Debbie is directing a chorale with the 5-year-old kiddies. They will be singing songs from Peter Pan in a grand performance a month or two hence. Our Girl models her team hoodie for us after a Wednesday Night pizza dinner.

Next: Thursday’s report…join us on Friday, February 3rd.

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2 thoughts on “…new toys for all!

  1. If only the kindle fairy would visit us all.

  2. Lucky staff! Imagine how many ‘recent read’ conversations you’ll have.

    Love “our girl’s” hoodie and she’s growing up, isn’t she?!


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