move more, eat well…

…is one of my/our goals for the year. We have each put ourselves on  the path to improving our overall health and well-being by doing that which is necessary and vital. We have also signed up for this year-long adventure from Big Picture Classes…and you can sign up too!. Registration  is open all year. Besides being inexpensive – $36 for the year, it’s a fun and serious way to document a journey.

Yesterday – Tuesday – started out a far cry from Monday’s beginning: 19 degrees F ! It was actually 29 degrees warmer! Thankfully (do you get the drift that I don’t like c-o-l-d?). Even tho’ we awoke to rain and very grey skies, by early afternoon, the sun was out, clouds had disappeared and the temp: 60 degrees F! And I was looking forward to having lunch with a former colleague at Nordstrom’s in Columbia.

After a stop at the post office to mail my quarterly taxes, I headed northwest, arriving about 40 minutes early. So I browsed a bit, wandering through the store, looking at the displays, with no real thought of purchasing anything. And then it hit me: I needed a new pair of walking (or training as the industry dubs  them) shoes…my current pair is at least 7+ years old. Here is my new pair and I think I’m going to like them; I hope so.

I was eager to try them out yesterday, since it was so warm and sunny, but didn’t return home til late afternoon and it never occurred to me to ‘break‘ the shoes in since I was at the mall. Walking the mall is a great place to get some exercise…duh!

Next on the agenda: time to meet Gail! (Yes, our Gail, K and L.) I love to eat lunch at Nordstrom, especially their roasted veggie plate coupled with a cup of tomato basil soup. But yesterday, I changed up my menu a bit and had a very delicious Chinese chicken salad (here’s a recipe, not from Nordstrom, but…) with a cup of the tomato basil soup (a jar of which you can buy at Nordstorm). Yummy!

In fact, we both had the salad. I seriously toyed with taking some roasted veggies home for dinner but decided to defer…t’will give me a reason to return to Nordstrom relatively soon.

Today, I’m off with another friend to find a sofa-bed for her.  I think I’ll break in my new training shoes and hope we can find a place for lunch that also has a great salad menu. TBC…

What are you doing to move more and eat well in 2012? Won’t you share in the comments? Thanks…


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2 thoughts on “move more, eat well…

  1. I enjoyed our Nordstrom lunch years ago, and chatting about my story idea! (That’s the next book!)

    I’ve printed out my pages for MMEW and scheduled time to journal my story and committed to 1 thing for January: Crossfit 3x a week even when it’s cold!

    Thanks again for gifting me this one! 🙂

  2. sporty shoes! …. I’ve been reading Cathy’s blog for several years and I think MMEW is a great concept – looking forward to following your journey.

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