…manifested, indeed…

...I think I hear angels singing...

First, on Tuesday morning, I had the immense pleasure of walking into an office with horizontal folders all in a row…a place for (most) everything and (most) everything in its place.  As those who love me know, piles paralyze me. They make me edgy. But, the Great Purging Weekend gave me this scene. I also came home to an office ready for 2012, page designs for opening pages/assignments of 3 scrapbooks and triaged photographs from October-December, 2011! Documented physical movement and mental x-treme workouts.

...Mom of Googler...

Second, we know that life enjoys being quirky;  I try to capture that whenever possible. Enter this photo of my co-worker. She is one of our catalogers. She happened to pull this title from the box she was working on and couldn’t help sharing it. The quirk? Not only does her son work for Google, he is one of those who decides if you are smart enough to work there. And, yes, she called him a Googler. I always wondered what they called themselves.

Thanks for stopping by! Want to know what happened on Wednesday, January 25th? Check back next Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “…manifested, indeed…

  1. Wow! A real office! Looks great and congrats on all your organizing triumphs, @ work and @ home. Are you for hire?

    What fun to have a mom on staff who has a googler.

    Looking fwd to next week Thursday’s visit.


  2. Double wow! it looks B-U-tee-ful!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the serendipity of your co-workers Googler story!

    Happy scrap-booking, hope you’ll share your pages 😉

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