action steps

For most of last year I kept saying I would read Jeff’s manuscript and then I wouldn’t follow through. I decided to use my planning process to create an intention and action steps that would work for me. Steps I could commit to and do consistently. First I journaled why I was resistant to reading it, what wasn’t working for me?  I felt overwhelmed with reading materials for work and pleasure, I didn’t want to read it on the computer so that meant printing it out. I didn’t want to read it at night in bed as that was my novel reading time. Hmmmmm…

As I kept writing I had an AHA! moment; I could read it when I exercised! I always read on the treadmill, Elliptical, and ski machine and yes I would commit to reading a portion of the manuscript every time. Next, I put it on my calendar and on my ‘board’ on my wall; 3-4 days a week 45 mins each session. As I kept working through the steps I had another AHA! moment: I would print it out and have it spiral bound at Staples so it was all together and  easier to handle. This proved to be a brilliant idea as it also made Jeff ‘see’ how much 300 plus pages are and in spiral binding it looks and feels like a real book so he was thrilled to see it manifested!  Two weeks in and I’m halfway through this first draft!

I read at Planet Fitness on Tuesday: 25 minutes Elliptical & 20 minutes ski machine but I forgot my camera to get a pix of me there. So Jeff took a pix of me on our home treadmill with the manuscript to share on OTV.

Any action steps you’re ready to lace up and commit to?

action steps

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2 thoughts on “action steps

  1. Brilliant action steps. Isn’t it amazing how our brains work, if we only give them a chance?!
    300 pages from Jeff! Congrats. No small feat. Lots of action steps on his part, too.
    Carry on, you two!

  2. Thx Honoré, it feels really good to have this toleration and procrastination now ‘in process’!

    Jeff, Kathy A., and I have committed to finishing our writing projects by March 30, one year from when we began our WriteNiters group!

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