the journey* begins with a single stitch…

Honoré here: My quilt guild meets nearly every Monday, Sept through June, save for holidays. Yesterday, January 9, was our first meeting of the year, after a three-weeks’ break.  The place was hummin’ as we gathered and reconnected and shared stories of our holiday season and  news of several members who’d undergone surgeries and plans for upcoming classes and events. And we stitched.

adding a little sparkle to a snowflake

a little hand stitchin'

After guild meeting, my friend Pat and I made a quick dash to a nearby knitting store to pick up some needles for a class we begin Sunday and then, we went to a quilt store for another (new) class on creating circular quilting designs, using a 9 degree circle wedge ruler.

cutting wedges with ruler

wedges...beginning of a circle

T’was a busy day, one filled with the promise and excitement of  two new stitching projects  (ahem, not that one needs any new projects…) in 2012. Just sayin’ …


*P. S. You can read about my 2012 one little wordjourney – here .

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One thought on “the journey* begins with a single stitch…

  1. Perfect post title! LOVE the material for the circle quilt, cool tool that ruler!

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