Planning 2012

First I tackled a theme and one little word for 2012, read more here. Next, I followed the Glenda Miles Planning 2012 process to identify goals (some of them surprising) and plan action steps to manifest those goals. Planning is the key word. For me that means going a step beyond writing it down and actually scheduling the time for the task or project. That’s what I say I want to do, now when will I DO it? I still depend on my Outlook calendar (bless its little heart) for appointments and reminders, but I wanted something visual for times when the computer wasn’t handy or I was spending the weekend unplugged.

Voila! Check out my new schedule tracker—a dry erase board in the hallway! It is a bit time consuming but I like how easy it is to rearrange as needed, and mostly I find that the visual is empowering—when I look at it I ask myself what’s most important? Where do I want to spend my time?  I’ve found I’m not as apt to lose my focus. Yes, it takes time to create and manage but week one of 2012 was a flurry of productivity which I attribute a large portion of to this new tool. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 😉

EVERYTHING goes on the board!

On Monday this was my office-away-from-home-office!

I ate my bag lunch at the tables in the sun outside Starbucks Café  and then worked inside ‘Barnsie’ from a comfy chair for a couple hours. I find a change of scenery boosts productivity!

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2 thoughts on “Planning 2012

  1. Love the board! Just what I need to get me movin.’ Years ago I used to use flip chart paper to list projects I wanted to finish by year’s end…posted in my office for all the world to see: my staff, supervisors, me! Worked miracles. Wonder why I abandoned the practice. Time to reengage.

  2. Thanks Honoré I’ll keep you updated on my success with it.

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