…baby, it’s cold outside…

...snowflakes gather as I walk to the car...

…well, not really…37 degrees. The perfect Mid-Atlantic temperature for wintry showers. While eating my lunch & listening to Martin’s A Clash of Kings, I was distracted more than once by how the gray skies screamed snow. An hour later, I looked out my window and – ba-zinga – there it was!

...thanks, Mom...

Also, the blue cape has taken its winter place in my car…hate coats but realize I need some sort of cover just in case I break down.

...home...Monday, Jan 9th, 4:59p...

All the planning going on by my cohort Vistas had me wondering…what’s wrong with me this January? Then, it occurred to me that my new office isn’t quite organized yet. I won’t get that creative planning flow back til I have resolution there. Ordered 2 6-tiered desk trays today. Oh yeah. 

Join us next time: Wednesday, Jan 18th to hear about our Tuesdays, Jan 17th!

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2 thoughts on “…baby, it’s cold outside…

  1. Oh love the snowy Vista Kathy, how magical with the dusk lighting….
    I’ve read the first two in Martin’s series (addicted!) and the library has the third reserved for me. Taking my time and savoring.

    PS ~ have you discovered The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern? Pleaseeeee add to your must read next list if it’s new to you!

    Snow, fire in fireplace, good book, ahhhhh.

  2. Can’t believe that’s a sweater I see on you! Yes, moms are right, smart folk. You’d dish out the same advice, quiet as it’s kept.

    Happy office organizing! Love sharing a part of your day!

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