…what are those girls up to now?

...grandchild decorating...

Time to shake things up a bit, friends. Our TriVista’s virtual playground has been more of a clubhouse this past year. We would stop by, drop a story or two…perhaps an insight or question. Great. This year? We are moving more into our virtual neighborhood, hanging over the fence and sharing our day. Literally.

Laura, Honore and I will all post on the same day…a different day each week. We’re so looking forward to “occupying” the same 24 hour period.

Our first post is about Sunday, January 1st. Check back on Tuesday, January 10th for Round 2. Meanwhile, enjoy…

Kathy here: Like most hill people I know, the decorations come down right after Christmas. Period. But time has been playing its game with us and, well, our tree is still a beauty. So, Jim and I decided to leave it up for New Year’s Day. We twinkled our way through a perfect prime rib dinner. Look at this lovely pine specimen who visited us for the holiday. A beauty, right?

...selected & put up by The Boys while I visited Mom...

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