…from firecracker hot to a slow boil…

...our wedding: Mel and the Beatles version of "Twist & Shout"...

Can a short fuse be genetically coded? The women on my side of the family can and do go off like a shot. Granted, it is usually tied to overwork and exhaustion; but, we work hard to talk about it and about how we each keep it in check…or not. [grin]  Now, what makes me truly angry…the slow boil…what vexes me? The unfairness of life. Yes, I am a bleeding heart liberal (yay me) and inequity burns my bisquits. 

However at this moment, I’m focusing on the personal. And while Jonathan lives at the front of these discussions with the Cosmic Forces, today it’s about Mel. This husband to my mother for over 35 years…this uber-sarcastic, Montgomery-County-lovin’ golfer who has worked with his hands all through his life…is sick. And there it is. Now, I’m totally jacked. Tell me again, Forces. Why does cancer need to exist?

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