…for the Spirit!

...the DDL Secret Santa Reveal...

December 15th found me 1) in Target at 8am. picking out kids clothes to donate and snacks to nibble that day 2) celebrating our Secret Santa Reveal at 10am. with my work pals 3) laughing through the 2nd Annual Libraries/Archives/GIC Team Trivia Challenge at 2:30pm. [My Team – Zuzu’s Petals – won!] 4) rushing home to gather Jim and zoom to Lewes for Samantha’s concert at Child’s Play by 6pm. We ended our evening at Friendly’s. [And as always, many thanks to Josh for allowing this to happen by staying with Jonathan. He only asks that we bring pizza  home. Sweet guy.] How’s THAT for the Spirit of Christmas!

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One thought on “…for the Spirit!

  1. the great thing about this young man is he has
    that SPIRIT all year long x0x0

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