Falling For Fall

We don’t really see the seasons change here in Central Florida but we do have a few trees that change color slowly and drop their leaves. The huge tree over our home is a sprawling 80 foot Sweet Gum tree with broad Maple tree looking leaves. They started turning yellow as soon as we had cool mornings and now they litter our yard and driveway. We’ve experienced a love/dislike relationship with this tree; I love the shade it provides, but it also drops spiky round balls in the spring, really tough on bare feet. I love the long reaching branches, but they are weak and have fallen through our roof during storms (two times and once on the boat!).

Our neighbor has a Sycamore tree which is one of my favorite trees. The Sycamore has similar broad Maple leaf-shaped leaves that provide comforting green leafy shade in the summer; and in the fall the brightly colored leaves float gently down in yellow ballets and pirouette into our yard!

October brought cool mornings in the fifties and a pleasant breeze. The humidity literally evaporated so our little patio and front yard under our tree is a welcome refuge after months of blazing summer days. Mom and I go out after breakfast and listen to the birds in the trees announcing their territory—how dare we trespass. I take my journal and write my morning pages there. The Lantana and Impatiens are blooming next to the ferns and Begonia, our tiny little Eden in the city.

Today I’ve run an extension cord outside for my antiquated laptop and am writing this post while mom reads Louise Hay’s book Experience Your Good Now. We tried bringing lunch out a few times but the flies metamorphose out of thin air and it’s not worth the distraction of fending for your food. We’ll go out again after dinner once it’s a bit less sunny, we’ll water the garden, walk around the house and pick a few flowers (weeds are flowers too!). There’s a peace outdoors even in this little slice of nature that has blown a fresh perspective through my soul—life is not perfect, but life is good!

I’ve fallen for fall and all the blessings it has ushered into my life; the peace of simply being, quiet companionship, the gloaming before the sun sets, appreciating the tiniest details of nature and feeling, being grateful for the flexibility of my days—that I am able to sit and ooze gratitude to the Universe and then share it with all of you my dear readers. Did I mention life is good?

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