One little number

What I learned yesterday…. That attention to detail is so very, very, very important! My client was alerted of a typo in her teleclass email (thanks Terry!) and it was incorrect everywhere! Even though I didn’t make the typo I copied it without confirming and didn’t catch it in any tests. Hindsight is twenty-twenty so we now have a process in place to dial the phone number the first time we add it to a campaign and copy/paste from the original not to type it. You know how your (very human) eye sees what it wants to see:
Paris in the
the spring

Here’s the synchronicity: a teleclass participant thought the call was this past Tuesday and so attempted to dial the number—instantly discovering it was not a valid area code. If she hadn’t put the date in her calendar for last Tuesday she never would have called and Terry wouldn’t have alerted us in time to correct the number before next Tuesday’s call. Whew! The Universe offered an opportunity and we took it!
Instead of berating myself for this mistake I owned it, apologized profusely, fixed it, discovered where the hole was and with client’s help put a process in place to prevent it happening again. Lesson learned and celebrated.

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