30 Days of Learning

I discovered in the Virtual Assistant Training Program I completed with AssistU that even if I could learn five hundred new things in a day a client could still ask for something I don’t know how to do yet. Being a VA is often about being a find-it-all as much as a know-it-all—finding solutions or matching the right person/service with the job that needs completing. Sometimes that’s me and sometimes it’s wise to call in an expert.

One vital trait that unites VAs is an insatiable desire to learn new things. I’m always up for a new adventure and I’ve been especially fascinated by the opportunity to learn new technologies for my clients, so when Anastacia invited readers to join her in 30 Days of Learning for the month of September I said (out loud to my computer screen actually), Yes! I’m in!

Today I participated in an online meeting with team members from libraries all over Maryland (I’m in Florida) via Wimba Classroom. I introduced a new student PBWorks Wiki that I have been creating for training their library associates. I relearned to have a back up plan when technology has a glitch, my mic on my computer headset wasn’t cooperating (of course it worked perfectly earlier when I tested it), but I was able to call in from my office phone. I learned how smart it is to always leave wiggle room for workarounds. I learned how to share my screen and upload a presentation and that librarians are a fun and helpful group of people to work with.

Personally today I learned one more time not to take things personally when someone disagrees with me or says something unloving. I read today a reminder that when I feel hurt or offended it’s because I believed what was said—I ‘bought into it’. So I learned to practice not buying into other people’s ‘stuff’ and making it mine. It’s not.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to join in the delight of sharing what you’ve learned during this month. You don’t have to write a lengthy blog post—you can join in via Facebook posts, Tweets, or sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

I intend to create a month of infinite joy-filled learning possibilities and to share somewhere in cyberworld each day.

Happy learning!

If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way.” ~Mark Twain

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