Art is in the air

One of my favorite newly discovered authors Patti Digh asked her blog readers to submit artwork for her upcoming in between-books-book Four Word Self Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives.  My creation, a Photoshopped photo of my head in a bookcase, was selected for the essay ‘give up toxic people’. I was jaw dropingly floored when I received that news a few months ago.

When the book arrived last week it was such a thrill to open to the introduction and see my creation in print! I am so grateful to Patti and the staff at skirt! for the opportunity to share my creativity in this way, and stretch myself beyond my comfort zone into possibility!

Give up toxic people!

This entry was written by Laura and published on August 27, 2010 at 4:51 pm. It’s filed under Authenticity, Books, Connections, Creativity, Gratitude, Laura, Lifeology, Photography. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.

4 thoughts on “Art is in the air

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    Congratulations, Laura dear! I LOVE that photo…both versions.

  2. Thx Kathy…I had to reshoot it to get higher pixels, it was a blast and it came out better in Photoshop than I ever expected.

  3. Honore on said:

    As I’ve said B4 and it definitely bears repeating: you go girl! So proud of you and happy for you. Now you can feature the book/s in your blog as a “featured in…” Cool!

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