August is H-O-T!

Honoré here: Hot enough for you? I recently heard on the radio that the summer of 2010 has been the hottest on record, worldwide! Certainly, the heat index in my part of the country – Washington DC – has set records for June and July and August is well on its way, too.

About twenty years ago I was attending the American Library Association’s annual convention – I recall not where. In between programs and meetings, one went to the exhibits area where hundreds of vendors – ranging from book publishers to furniture makers to architects – were on display. This conference was very important to them: they had an opportunity to gather marketing data and network with decision-makers: library directors and heads of purchasing divisions — and those of us who were just librarians. For us, the exhibits were a gold mine: we gathered posters, buttons, pens, sticky notes, clever little doodads and the most coveted –  free hot off the press books, often signed by the authors who were there in person.

During this particular convention, after seeing dozens of librarians wandering up and down the exhibit aisles carrying a canvas bag with bright pink lettering: August is HOT, I finally stopped one person and asked about the bag: where did she get it? Hearing her reply, I high-tailed it to the vendor’s booth and got my own coveted bag.  Inside was a paperback novel, a real sultry page turner, just begging to be read at the beach on a hot August summer day.

Tho’ I didn’t go to the beach that year [and have no plans to do so, this year] I do recall that I read the book despite its being a sultry paperback novel (just not my cup o’ tea). After all, it was August and h-o-t.

On my list this month: The Help and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my Kindle. Hard cover:  art journaling, quilting and knitting books. I know you shudder: knit, wool, h-o-t! Yes…but I am a) not much of a fiction reader and b) many titles I read are about the author’s process and c) knitting makes me think of fall and that cools me off!

What’s on your reading list to help you while away and stay cool these hot summer days? I’d love to know. Use the comments to share your list or link to a post on your blog. Thanks.

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One thought on “August is H-O-T!

  1. Kathy on said:

    How’s the Kindle working out for you? As usual, the pics tell such a story.

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