{a (Summer) day in the life}

Jon heads to the Delaware State Fair

There was a time that once the Summer Solstice passed, I would watch  joyfully as the day shortened minute by minute. Autumn was on its way to us! But as Dylan says “I was so much older then. I’m younger then that now.”  Fifteen hours of sunlight ain’t such a bad thing. I tend to go down with the sun so if it’s full dark at 5:00p…you get the idea. Here’s what I crammed into all those hours…plus a few more…on Thursday, July 29th.

  4:50 a.   My tiny 3″ x 3″ two-dollar alarm clock from Target sounds. 5:00a.   Tea; Sort laundry. 5:10a.   Personal/work email: Honore’s visit, Learning Libraries, Ancestry.com, Community Resource Exchange in libraries. 6:10a.   Fresh pot of tea; grits for breakfast; Jon’s shoes; “pillow fluffing” in LR. 6:25a.   Talk with Jim in Lexington, KY. 6:35a.   A peek at Twitter. 6:45a.  Jon up and dressed, beds made, clean his toilet area; prepare him for change in workday – Delaware State Fair today; find appropriate picture symbols; determine how best for him to carry money; dress myself for work. 7:40a.   In the car, waiting for the bus jamming with Jon to the Glee version of Queen’s Somebody to Love over and over. We love this ritual. 7:50a.   Quick pics of nature. 8:10a. Detour to Georgetown to hit MAC for $$ for Josh. He gave me all he had for Jon’s trip as I forgot to stop on the way home & didn’t want to go out at daybreak. What a guy, right? 9:30a. – 2:30p. So busy with launch of learning management system, no time for lunch out of building – cherries, yogurt, banana (down 9 lbs…again). 3p. Meet Kate, Samantha & Ben at Sheila’s Party World to gather goodies for SMC’s 4th birthday. 3:45p. Dairy Queen 4:15p. Finish awful book in car…skipped 2 CDs to get to end. 4:45p. Home: bring in work for telecommuting tomorrow, projector for Monday & Cornell tomatoes (no staff available this afternoon); start laundry; visit with Charlotte, Jon’s nurse’s aide. 5:40p. Organize/read Shimelle’s prompts for latest scrapbooking class; personal email/Facebook. 6:30p. Finish fixing dinner. 6:45p. Dinner with Josh – talk about our day; dishes; check doors, etc. 7:45p. Head upstairs: Jon’s meds & shower; aloe on his face; explore his goodies from the Fair; wash his undies (yuck). 8:25p. My shower and my bed; read a comic book. 9:10p. UnTV…time for Burn Notice. 10:20p. Jon to bed…his nightlights in…my lights out.

...but, do you see what I see?

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2 thoughts on “{a (Summer) day in the life}

  1. I believe !! 🙂
    all the fairy spirits….
    especially in the woodlands 🙂 looks like a
    good,happy one. ready to spread joy everywhere.

  2. Honore on said:

    My goodness…I’m impressed (and tired) just reading all that you did on just one! day…I noticed leaves turning on my Japanese Maple, too! Must be the heat!

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