july’s weird holidays…and other facts

Honoré here: Today, July 16 is National Hot Dog Day! Hooray for all you baseball and hotdog lovers. I discovered this fact from a  site that lists weird holidays for each month of the year.  As we all (may) know, July is named for Julius Caesar, as it was his birth month…Julius/July… Among July’s weird holidays  is Pied Piper of Hamelin Day, July 22. I’m sure you all know the story; if not, you can refresh your memory here.

Seeing  this holiday listed reminded me of a story (true) from my elementary school days as a second grader: Our annual play was the Pied Piper of Hamelin and we – second  graders – were cast as, yep, you guessed right: the varmints. My sister, who was probably three at the time, knew the story and was totally into it.  Picture this: twenty or so little kids, costumed as  gray rats, seduced by the Piper’s tunes, merrily skipping to  the river…  Suddenly, a  little voice calls out: “Googie! Googie! Don’t go down to that river!” I, of course knowing that voice and who Googie was – me – was mortified and stopped dead in my tracks.   Everything was quiet….and then the  audience cracked up. Connie and I had become “stars” of what was, otherwise, probably a pretty pedestrian school performance.

This story, however, was not my intent for this post. I was planning to write about water because July, the beginning month of the dog days of summer, often means trips to beaches and lakes and water parks and coolin’ off under fire hydrants or backyard sprinkler systems. I imagine a trip to the river also qualifies.

Another July fact I learned: the water-lily is July’s birth flower, so I thought I’d leave you with Claude Monét’s  famous Water Lillies, the original which you can see at the Art Institute of Chicago. Until you get there, enjoy it here…

…and stay cool.


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