234 years, later…

Honoré here:  July 4:  a holiday to spend with family and friends, enjoying their camaraderie and good food.  I have fond  memories of previous Fourths, especially from my childhood. We lived in Muskegon MI, right there on Lake Michigan and about a 4-hours’ drive to Chicago. Either we were home or in Chicago: my parents, sister, and I with my godmother, her husband and their two daughters. We kids were about two years apart: I was the oldest, then Beth Elaine, my godmother’s oldest, Cherie and Connie (my sister) were about 3 months apart.

The Fourth was spent either at the beach if we were in Muskegon or any one of the many parks, museums and/or the  zoos in Chicago. I don’t recall any parades…maybe because I’m not a parade-goer. Fireworks for us was limited to sparklers. These days, even tho’ I’m only a stones’ throw from the National Mall, I watch the annual fireworks show on TV… best seat in the house!

July 4:  a holiday to  appreciate this country’s founding and heritage, as detailed in the Declaration of Independence.

original from National Archives

However you spend your Independence Day, I wish you a good time and good food.  Enjoy the parades and fireworks – either in person or on tv or both  – and take time to reflect on the reasons we’re celebrating,  234 years later.


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