Celebrate good times…come on!

...at the Scrap Spot...

A special thank you to Kool & the Gang for our title this week. Didn’t you instantly feel like you were at a wedding? You can hear those horns blasting…and, unbidden, your arms fly up in the air and your body starts swayin.’ Well, that pretty much captures my approach to life.

We are more than happy to bemoan and lament about the loads we carry, about the unfairness of our lives. Yeah, I give in to it too…especially when I think about the losses/pain Jon’s autism has brought him and the rest of his family. (Oh, there will be a big conversation with The Powers once I’ve passed…don’t doubt it).

But, stop and take a look around. Gifts are handed to us many times through a day if we take the time to look. If we celebrate.

I am always a bit amazed when I give someone a hug along with my thank you or break into spontaneous applause for a job well done and the recipient pauses – just a moment – in stunned silence. Is simple kindness that unusual in our daily lives? I know it is not. Look for it…give it. And celebrate.

Need an explanation of the photo above? This is the stage for one celebration. Here I celebrate the friendship that has grown between Honore, Laura and me. The wood block is my OLW – a gift from Laura. And, the 2 little girls are in a birthday card sent by Honore 8 months before my birthday because it is so US. This is what I see as I sit at my scrap table to create. Energized, aren’t you?

One last treat? Below are a few photos of an annual celebration – one of several actually – that my Kate and I enjoy. Christmas in July!  Why don’t you share some of your own? We’re always interested in growing our list.

2009...QVC on the tube & a new Hannah Montana costume...

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