I made this layout in response to last week’s tragic events in our country. I have no answers –  many questions… I shall keep seeking.


OLW in progress June

2016-07-07 17.09.46

Our One Little Word prompt for June was a list of questions to check in and see how we are ‘living’ our word. I used my flower photos with Ali’s digital word quotes for the perfect combo. New tropical colored and textured card-stock really makes them ‘pop’ off the page!

2016-07-07 17.09.55 2016-07-07 17.10.03 2016-07-07 17.10.08 2016-07-09 14.42.11 2016-07-09 14.42.18

A Moment in Time

2016-07-07 17.34.58

My sister-in-love, Bonnie, hand-crafted this beauty for my birthday. I love the cuppa tea theme! All the tabs pull out to add photos on them as well. What a labor of love, thank you Bonnie! ♥

2016-07-07 17.35.06 2016-07-07 17.35.16 2016-07-07 17.35.29 2016-07-07 17.35.41 2016-07-07 17.35.54 2016-07-07 17.36.01 2016-07-07 17.36.13 2016-07-07 17.36.21 2016-07-07 17.36.34 2016-07-07 17.36.41

Summer…I have always treated it with disdain. Announcing that “this is what I have to go through to get to Autumn.” But a few years back, I noticed how long the lush-green lasted…and how much I liked it.


June 18, 2016.  The Kling House garden.


Then last year, I realized how much I loved the long-lighted days…and, how I was a little sad that the Summer Solstice meant those long days would now shorten. That is so weird. I used to have a personal celebration that the season had now peaked!


Lancaster…8:30pm    Can you see the moon up there?


I imagine this Change is linked somehow to the exponential speed of time that aging brings. Whatever. I intend to relish the parts of Summer that I have come to love…to enjoy the water fun…and head into the air-conditioning as needed. Change is good.


June 5, 2016. An impromptu sprinkler event…no suits? No problem.



Seeing My Word

2016-06-10 21.19.01

One Little Word May prompt from Ali Edwards: “Seeing our words through the lens of our camera.”

2016-06-10 17.18.26

“A thankful heart that remembers to breathe, take it all in, trust… ask for what is needed, and be gentle on ourselves.” ~Kelly Rae Roberts


Since I received Kathy’s little surprise gratitude package in my mailbox and was introduced to Kelly Rae Roberts I signed up for her blog posts and joined in an activity to snap and share a photo a day for five days: Soul Care Seconds.

Her invitation was irresistible; “The idea is simple: Notice what you find beautiful. Pause in that moment to notice, to soak it in, to let it nourish your soul.”

I was recuperating from a cough/cold combo that knocked me down for a week but I still snapped and then shared when I could on Instagram and Facebook. The hashtag sharing makes it SO easy to enjoy other’s contributions and connect with like minded spirits #soulcareseconds      I love this description Kelly Rae wrote for these seconds,

“Pausing to notice the beauty is in many ways a prayer of gratitude. We’re showing up, noticing, and pausing for a moment of breath, grace, and thanks.”

#SoulCareSeconds Day 1: seek beauty

#SoulCareSeconds Day 1: seek beauty


#SoulCareSeconds Day 2: silence the noise

#SoulCareSeconds Day 2: silence the noise


#SoulCareSeconds Day 3: find the sacred in the ordinary

#SoulCareSeconds Day 3: find the sacred in the ordinary


#SoulCareSeconds Day 4: joy

#SoulCareSeconds Day 4: joy


#SoulCareSeconds Day 5: wild (flowers, dreams. life, creations!)

#SoulCareSeconds Day 5: wild (flowers, dreams. life, creations!)

“…calm. As hints of Autumn appear here and there, I can feel myself – and my family – beginning to release our breath. Shoulders relax; neck stretches. Cabin-bound. At the same time, we will be back in Jon’s favorite part of world. The place he seemed most free. C is for Calm.” 

May 30, 2016: You all know that these are the dark days of our year. Well, while checking out old, old draft posts, I found this one. Yep, still able to be snake-bit. I doubt that will ever go away.



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