Collage of My Life: MSQT


~It’s Thursday 29 September 2016 | 7:02 am| 68 degrees | il pleut – it is raining

     The ferns are getting a much needed bath and I’m sure they’re happy. I wonder what I’ll do with them soon, when the weather turns. It is easy to take photos, much harder to do something with them, such as review, delete, keep, edit, tag, post to Instagram – maybe, print, tell the story. TELL the STORY!  As I write, I wonder how many photos of the sky, “this tree,” a koi pond, my feet or shadow, a flower, etc, I need. Is one photo worth a thousand words? One can conjure up a photo via words but does the photo only convey words in the photographer’s mind? Is it necessary to know what the photographer was thinking?

The above photo represents what I was seeing  and thinking this Thursday morning during MSQT – Morning Solitude and Quiet Time, my practice for nearly, if not, 20 years. For the past year, most mornings, if not all when I am home, one can find me sitting at the dining room table here in the Great Room . .. and if I am not, then wherever: a hotel; the airport gate terminal, waiting for my plane to board; the table in a Sisters OR cottage; at my friend’s dining room table, sharing moments with her as we both write in our journals, stopping here-n-there to share a thought, ask a question, take a photo…

Watching the sun rise, clouds come and go, or rain fall; drinking tea and water; somedays, bundled up to ward off the cold, others, loosely covered to reduce the heat. Comforted by the sounds of silence: rain drops on the skylights; the whir of the refrigerator – and when it’s off; my pen as I write these words; the unmistakable sound of electricity’s buzz…I pause to contemplate, listen, look, feel, immerse myself in this, my morning solitude’s peacefulness and my heart swells, beats a little faster as so many thoughts rush trough my mind…and I give thanks for this, this morning, another day – the nearly 74 years I’ve lived on this earth and the twenty years I’ve enjoyed and engaged in MSQT…

…To be continued, as long as I can breathe, my thoughts continue to flow and  I can pick up a pen and/or dictate them to my phone.

7:53 am~ Time for a second cuppa tea…


I made this layout in response to last week’s tragic events in our country. I have no answers –  many questions… I shall keep seeking.


OLW in progress June

2016-07-07 17.09.46

Our One Little Word prompt for June was a list of questions to check in and see how we are ‘living’ our word. I used my flower photos with Ali’s digital word quotes for the perfect combo. New tropical colored and textured card-stock really makes them ‘pop’ off the page!

2016-07-07 17.09.55 2016-07-07 17.10.03 2016-07-07 17.10.08 2016-07-09 14.42.11 2016-07-09 14.42.18

A Moment in Time

2016-07-07 17.34.58

My sister-in-love, Bonnie, hand-crafted this beauty for my birthday. I love the cuppa tea theme! All the tabs pull out to add photos on them as well. What a labor of love, thank you Bonnie! ♥

2016-07-07 17.35.06 2016-07-07 17.35.16 2016-07-07 17.35.29 2016-07-07 17.35.41 2016-07-07 17.35.54 2016-07-07 17.36.01 2016-07-07 17.36.13 2016-07-07 17.36.21 2016-07-07 17.36.34 2016-07-07 17.36.41

Summer…I have always treated it with disdain. Announcing that “this is what I have to go through to get to Autumn.” But a few years back, I noticed how long the lush-green lasted…and how much I liked it.


June 18, 2016.  The Kling House garden.


Then last year, I realized how much I loved the long-lighted days…and, how I was a little sad that the Summer Solstice meant those long days would now shorten. That is so weird. I used to have a personal celebration that the season had now peaked!


Lancaster…8:30pm    Can you see the moon up there?


I imagine this Change is linked somehow to the exponential speed of time that aging brings. Whatever. I intend to relish the parts of Summer that I have come to love…to enjoy the water fun…and head into the air-conditioning as needed. Change is good.


June 5, 2016. An impromptu sprinkler event…no suits? No problem.



Seeing My Word

2016-06-10 21.19.01

One Little Word May prompt from Ali Edwards: “Seeing our words through the lens of our camera.”

2016-06-10 17.18.26

“A thankful heart that remembers to breathe, take it all in, trust… ask for what is needed, and be gentle on ourselves.” ~Kelly Rae Roberts


Since I received Kathy’s little surprise gratitude package in my mailbox and was introduced to Kelly Rae Roberts I signed up for her blog posts and joined in an activity to snap and share a photo a day for five days: Soul Care Seconds.

Her invitation was irresistible; “The idea is simple: Notice what you find beautiful. Pause in that moment to notice, to soak it in, to let it nourish your soul.”

I was recuperating from a cough/cold combo that knocked me down for a week but I still snapped and then shared when I could on Instagram and Facebook. The hashtag sharing makes it SO easy to enjoy other’s contributions and connect with like minded spirits #soulcareseconds      I love this description Kelly Rae wrote for these seconds,

“Pausing to notice the beauty is in many ways a prayer of gratitude. We’re showing up, noticing, and pausing for a moment of breath, grace, and thanks.”

#SoulCareSeconds Day 1: seek beauty

#SoulCareSeconds Day 1: seek beauty


#SoulCareSeconds Day 2: silence the noise

#SoulCareSeconds Day 2: silence the noise


#SoulCareSeconds Day 3: find the sacred in the ordinary

#SoulCareSeconds Day 3: find the sacred in the ordinary


#SoulCareSeconds Day 4: joy

#SoulCareSeconds Day 4: joy


#SoulCareSeconds Day 5: wild (flowers, dreams. life, creations!)

#SoulCareSeconds Day 5: wild (flowers, dreams. life, creations!)